1926. If Harry Potter Was An Anime.



I’ll always reblog it when I see it because this is the COOLEST THING I EVER SAW!

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I absolutely hate people who act like they’re entitled to something.

Back story: we live in an apartment complex and pay our Internet bill. We have three tenants who also share our internet. Each one is supposed to give us $10 a month to help with the bill. One of the tenants hadn’t given us but like $5 since they started using our Internet in May. No big deal, whatever. Well, since Robbie lost his job, money’s been tight. I’m the only one working and I don’t make much by myself. Basically, in September it was either pay the bill (which no one had given us money for), or give Sammy a birthday. He may only have turned 2, but to me, that was more important. So we got a disconnect notice for our Internet. I tried to push it back, but they wouldn’t do it.

So the tenant who hadn’t given us more than $5 gave us half the money we needed. The rest came from the other two tenants, plus me selling stuff that we didn’t need anymore.

Now, anytime there’s any sort of hiccup with the Internet, they’re texting me asking what’s going on.

This morning, for example: the Internet will randomly go down. I’m pretty sure it’s when there’s more than the allotted people that are allowed to use it. I get a text that says: “Hey anytime you need to reset the net its np just let me know before you do pretty pretty please. I was in the middle of downloading stuff for school.” That would be fine and dandy had I actually reset the net, but since I hadn’t, it annoyed me pretty badly. I wrote back and told them that I didn’t reset the net, that it had gone down. They write back and say, “Well, just for future reference I’d like to know in case we’re in the middle of doing something. I didn’t figure you would mind since we paid half the bill.”

I told Robbie that letting them do that was going to come back to bite us in the butt…and obviously, it has.

So sorry, but I really don’t think they’re entitled to much, especially considering they had 4½ months that they needed to make up paying for.

*sigh* People.

I haven’t posted anything other than pictures in a while and I don’t really have a reason why.

I’ve seen two cycles come and go. The first one I used OPK’s and they didn’t work like they did with Sammy. The second one, I tried based on body cues. My body cued me wrong and I’m pretty sure I ovulated 3-4 days later than I thought. So obviously, we didn’t time that right.

I just finished my period yesterday, so now we’re onto cycle #3 of officially trying to conceive. My plan this month: the sperm meets egg plan.

The sperm meets eggs plan is this: BD every other day starting at CD8. OPK test starting at CD10. Once you get a positive OPK, you BD three days in a row, take a break for a day, and then BD one last time.

From what I’ve seen and read by other couples who use this method, it’s got a high rate of positives. I hope we’re lucky!

Tomorrow is CD8, so this whole thing starts.

Wish us luck! :)

Sunset in the rearview.

Sunset in the rearview.

Morgan and her pumpkin.

Morgan and her pumpkin.